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Forget The Flu!

Posted by ecurtas_123 on November 19, 2013 at 3:20 PM

So, we all know that it is that time of year...the dreadful flu is going around. I am a germaphope and I will go through great lengths to skip it! My theory is to drink TONS of water and exercise daily and you will have a much better chance of fighting it! In some cases, like when you have little ones, it is almost impossible to stay away from it. They will wake up or come home from school saying their stomachs hurt or they have a soar throat. Do not lose hope! According to an NBC news article, a study from Purdue Universtiy shows that about 10 miles of jogging/running a week can strengthen your immune system (That is 2 miles-5 days a week). The study also showed that when you over exert yourself it may cause you to be at more of a risk during the flu season than usual so be cautious of how much is TOO much for your body. I don't know if you have ever paid any attention but after a run I always get a good nose cleanse! I like to think that I am getting all the germs out because they say germs are passed through the areas connected to our sinuses and that would include our noses! It feels so good to know that I realease toxins in my body with every workout session. So, here is another GREAT reason to get out and exercise! I think we can all take 30 min. of our 24 hour day to focus on making sure we are taking care of our bodies. Please check out the NBC article below and stay healthy this year!




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